Saturday, December 15, 2012

Low Carb Menus Update

JUDDD Up Day 5 Dinner - Grilled Pork Chops & Sausage
with Fried Cabbage and caraway seeds.
The menu posts are on hold right now. I'm sad to say, life is kinda turned every which way right now. My arm is wrapped in the heavy bandage you saw in a previous post, but also, I haven't been feeling good and sleep has been worse than usual. We found a small red spot on my left foob on Wednesday and just watched it. By Thursday at treatment time, I felt really bad and the red area had grown about 4 or 5 times as large. We called the doc and he wanted to see me Friday morning. He wasn't majorly concerned but said he wanted me on two HUGE antibiotics immediately and that I can't miss a dose. I'm to call him if I see any changes.

I'm sposed to take it easy and not do a lot of activity right now. I'm glad to report we think the redness is reduced this morning, but I still feel crummy and I've gained the obligatory 5-6 lbs I usually gain on these antibiotics. Happy times.

I didn't feel like eating much last yesterday. I had Chuy's Mexican Food for lunch - part of a cup of shrimp soup and part of a fish taco. Tortilla chips, salsa and creamy jalapeno dip may have been involved. Last night I ate a small serving of roasted purple potatoes - plain with nonfat yogurt and dijon mustard sauce for dinner. I'm contemplating the potato hack, since its so easy to cook. Denny and the boys will get leftovers from the freezer. Thank God for those!

Sorry to be so inconsistent and freaky. I need to just pick a plan and stay on it. I'm feeling totally out of control right now and rather dispirited. The bandage makes EVERYTHING sooooo massively difficult and the infection just makes it all more depressing. The fact it's Christmas, I haven't done shopping, I have very little money if any TO shop, and the house is still in plumbing nightmare disarray just increases our emotional stress.

OHHHH AND, my face/lips got chapped out in the wind this week when the car broke and I now have a ginormous fever blister between my mouth and nose where the skin got so chapped and raw. YUK! I'm so pretty.

But I KNOW I'm not alone in all of this. We have the prayers of many and God and Jesus give us strength. I also know, our trials are small in comparison to what many are going through right now. So please forgive me for not keeping up with the menus.

Weight that includes about a 2-3lb bandage this morning 247.8lbs. Good times.


  1. Gentle hugs, my dear and you are in my prayers. Yes, we all have our trials whether they are posted or not. I don't believe you live in my area of Richmond, VA, otherwise I would bring you a big pot of Low Carb something.

    1. Thanks so much!!! I'll be ok. I believe!!


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November 26, 2012
Resumed Atkins Induction after surgery and recovery.

September 25, 2012

Bilateral Latissimus Dorsi Flap Resection for Stage IIIC Breast Cancer Reconstruction

September 19, 2012

Quit JUDDD and low carb to prepare for surgery.

August 13, 2012 -

Resumed JUDDD schedule while continuing with the Circadian Rhythm Schedule for eating and sleeping windows.

July 23 - August 12 -

I'm starting an n=1 pseudo-experiment today. It's based on experiments with Calorie Restriction and Food Restriction or Food Windows. I'm working with some guidance on this. The idea will be to reset my Circadian Rhythms.New research shows that Circadian Rhythm disruption influences inflammation and obesity as well as insulin sensitivity. These are all areas I'm desperate to address because fixing these areas could allow my body to heal. This could give me a better shot at remaining cancer free.

For the next 3 weeks, I must reset the Circadian Clock inside my body. To reset the CC (Circadian Clock) I need to discontinue JUDDD over the next 3 weeks and simply adhere to a feeding, sleeping and waking schedule. I will be adding a note section at the end of each day in order to evaluate status and moods.

Step 1: Eat a low carb diet without calorie restriction for the next 3 weeks without any type of calorie rotation.

Step 2: Eat all meals within an 8 hour feeding window - 11am - 7pm. Absolutely no eating after 7pm. Non-caloric liquids are allowed on demand.

Step 3: Adhere to a bedtime with total darkness at 11pm and wake time of 6:30am, every day.

Step 4: After 3 weeks I will resume JUDDD Rotations with a 20% Calorie Restriction on Down Days - 500 kcals, Up Days will allow up to 2340 kcals. The JUDDD Rotation will feature low carb nutrition. Continue to follow the FR (Food Restriction eating window, bedtime, and waking time.)

Step 5: After 2 weeks back on JUDDD Rotations, evaluate the ongoing weight loss level I feel comfortable in sustaining for the long term. I can go as high as a 50% restriction and still experience activation of the SIRT1 genes and asthma alleviation. Continue to follow the FR (Food Restriction eating window, bedtime, and waking time.)


JUDDD Plan -

What in the Sam-hill, cockamamie food plan are you following? That can't be low carb!! Well, you're right it isn't simply low carb. I follow a derivation of the Johnson's Alternate Day Diet. I tweaked the JUDDD diet, as it's called, into a low carb version.

I choose to follow this plan right now, because I am experiencing dramatic improvement on asthma symptoms, blood sugar control and weight loss.

More importantly, I also experienced a greater than 50% response rate in neo-adjuvant chemotherapy towards a high grade prolific ER+/PR+/Her2Neu- breast cancer and lost 45lbs during treatment - when most people in breast cancer treatment gain 10-20lbs. (KI-67 was 22% with 17mitotic bodies).

Sure, I'm a turtle. Weight loss is slow weight loss. But it's weight loss! Hope that helps bring you up to speed!

The JUDDD diet has quite a bit of testing behind it and is founded upon theories that alternate day caloric restriction activates the longevity gene, the SIRT1 gene.

Suggested side effects of the JUDDD Diet are greater blood sugar control, reduction of systemic inflammation, relief or improvement of asthma conditions, reduction in movement disorder brain dysfunction, and possible anti-cancer effects.

But! Key to remember, I'm an n=1, not a doctor, not a nutritionist, nor allied health practitioner and you MUST do your own research. I'm just a girl who had cancer and is dancing with NED at this point in time.